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Key Stage 5

Students Advanced Level AS and A2 qualifications follow the Advancing Physics course (OCR specification B).  The course is a modern and forward thinking course, originally designed by the Institute of Physics, and now owned by Oxford University Press. 

Follow the links at the top of the page to find the relevant resources for the course you are studying.  You may also wish to visit the Advancing Physics website, which provides additional resources, materials and reading.



AS Physics - Course Overview

The AS Physics course is studied in Year 12.  It comprises two main modules - G491 and G492.

G491 - Physics in Action

Chapter 1 - Imaging (DP)

Chapter 2 - Sensing (PHS)

Chapter 3 - Signalling (DP)

Chapter 4 - Materials (PHS)


G492 - Understanding Processes

Chapter 6 - Wave Behaviour (DP)

Chapter 7 - Quantum Behaviour (DP)

Chapter 8 - Mapping Space and Time (PHS)

Chapter 9 - Computing the Next Move (PHS)




A2 Physics - course overview

The A2 Physics course is studied in Year 13.  It also comprises two main modules - G494 and G495.

G494 - The Clockwork Universe

Chapter 10 - Creating Models (PHS/DP)

Chapter 11 - Out into Space (DP)

Chapter 12 - Our Place in the Universe (DP)

Chapter 13/14 - Matter in Extremes (PHS)


G495 - Field and Particle Pictures

Chapter 15 - Electromagnetic Machines (PHS)

Chapter 16 - Charge and Field (DP)

Chapter 17 - Particle Physics (DP)

Chapter 18 - Ionising Radiation & Risk (PHS)








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