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Triple Physics - an overview of the course

The Triple Physics qualification covers all of the Core and Additional work, and the final "triple" module detailed here.  This module comprises three main topics.  A formula sheet covering all 3 topics is available here.  A detailed description of the course content can be seen on pages 36 - 44 of the exam specification.


Teaching order:



Waves X-rays 1 lesson
  Ultrasound 1 - 2  lessons
  Refraction 1 lesson
  Lenses and image formation 1 - 2  lessons
  Investigating converging lenses 1 lesson
  Rules for image formation in diverging lenses. 1 lesson
  Magnification and lens power 1 lesson
  The Human Eye and the Camera 1 lesson
  Defects of vision 1 lesson
  Total Internal Reflection 1 lesson
  Optical Fibres & Lasers 1 lesson
Mechanics Centre of Mass  
  Moments II  
  Toppling Objects  
  Pressure in Liquids  
  Circular Motion  
  Centripetal Force  
Electricity Motors - Electromagnets & the Motor Effect  
  Motors II - Using the Motor Effect  
  Transformers - Step-up & Step-down  
  Transformers II - The Transformer Power Equation  
  Transformers III - Switching Transformers