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Additional Physics - an overview of the course 

Additional Physics is studied by students taking double or triple science.  A formula sheet covering the entire course can be found here, and a detailed description of the course content can be seen on pages 20 - 35 of the exam specification.  The course covers four main topics, and the teaching order of the content can be seen below.




Forces & Motion Speed - concepts, units and calculations 1 lesson
  Acceleration - concepts, units and calculations 1 lesson
  Motion Graphs I - Distance/time graphs 1 lesson
  Motion Graphs II - Speed/time graphs 1 lesson
  Resultant Forces I - Balanced, unbalanced forces and resultant forces.  1 lesson
  Resultant Forces II - Forces affecting motion 1 lesson
  Newton's Laws - Force, mass, acceleration 2 lessons
  Mass and weight 1 lesson
  Terminal Speed Extended writing opportunity 1 lesson
  Hooke's Law 2 lessons
Energy & Momentum Mock Exams revision list  
  Work done 1 lesson
  Kinetic and potential energy 1 lesson
  Physics of transport 2 lessons
Test 1 The test paper covers the content from the topics of "forces and motion" and "energy and momentum".  Teachers can download the test here. 1 lesson

Voltage and current measurement

2 lessons


2 lessons

IV graphs

2 lessons

Mains Electricity

2 lessons

Fuses and circuit breakers Extended writing opportunity

2 lessons
  Test - Electricity Oct Y11
Radioactivity Nature of radioactivity 1 lesson - Jan Y11
  Background radiation 1 lesson - Jan Y11
  Radon in homes 1 lesson - Feb Y11
  Medical uses of radioactivity 1 lesson - Feb Y11
  Half Life 2 lessons - Feb Y11
  Uses of radioactivity 1 lesson - March Y11
  Problems with radioactive waste 1 lesson - March Y11